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Flying Forms – Working at Heights Hazards

Flying forms—Working at heights hazards Explain dangers Flying forms can save time and, in some cases, are safer than using built-in-place methods. However, flying forms have some significant hazards that can lead to serious injury if proper precautions aren’t taken. One of the main hazards associated with flying forms is when working at heights. The […]

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Suspended Access Equipment – Fall Protection

Suspended access equipment—Fall protection Explain dangers Every worker who uses suspended access equipment (SAE) must have two independent means of support. That way, if the suspension system on a swing stage, work cage, or bosun’s chair fails, you will still be protected from a fall. A fall arrest system can be used as the second […]

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Working at heights – Scaffolds – Planks and Decks

Scaffolds—Planks and decks Explain dangers Many scaffold injuries involve problems with planks. If scaffold planks and decks fail, you could be seriously injured or killed from a fall. You could also be thrown off balance and injure yourself with your tools or equipment. If scaffold planks are uncleated or unsecured, they can easily slide off. […]

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Working at Heights – Stepladders

Stepladders Explain dangers A stepladder is one of the most familiar things on a jobsite. Still, workers get hurt using them. Falls are the biggest risk. Even though workers are not very high off the ground, some have died from falling a short distance and landing the wrong way. Even a sprain or strain could […]

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Working at heights – Site-Specific Training

Working at heights—Site-specific training Explain dangers Falling from heights continues to be a leading cause of injuries and fatalities in the construction industry. Despite the introduction of standardized working at heights (WAH) training, too many workers are dying from fall-related injuries. The WAH training standard recognizes that classroom-based WAH training is only the first step. […]

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