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Rigging Hardware

Rigging Hardware Explain dangers Rigging is only as strong as its weakest link. Workers’ lives depend on the strength of that link. It doesn’t matter what safe working load is stamped on a hook if the hook is cracked and twisted or opening up at the throat. It can’t deliver its full rated capacity. Inspection […]

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Floor and Roof Openings

Floor and roof openings Explain dangers If proper guarding is not in place, workers can be exposed to falls when working around floor and roof openings. Avoiding such hazards may seem like common sense, but a moment of distraction around an uncovered opening can end in disaster. Identify controls Installing guardrails around an opening is […]

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Working at Heights – Scaffolds – Structural Components

Scaffolds—Structural components Explain dangers If the structural components of a scaffold are damaged, defective, or installed incorrectly, it can lead to a tip-over or collapse. Identify controls Structural components of all frame scaffolds must be inspected regularly. Inspection should include frames, feet, connecting pins, braces, and guardrails. FRAMES • Uprights and cross-members should not be […]

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Working at heights – Scaffolds – Planks and Decks

Scaffolds—Planks and decks Explain dangers Many scaffold injuries involve problems with planks. If scaffold planks and decks fail, you could be seriously injured or killed from a fall. You could also be thrown off balance and injure yourself with your tools or equipment. If scaffold planks are uncleated or unsecured, they can easily slide off. […]

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